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October 27-30, 2016

Antalya, TURKEY


It is great pleasure that I write this Foreword to the proceedings 3rd International Congress on Social Sciences, China to Adriatic (ICSSCA-III) which was held in Antalya, the magnificent city of Turkey, October 27 to 30 , 2016 with the participation of Kazakh State Women’s Teacher Training University. For the third time, we had the pleasure of welcoming distinguished academics from all over the world. The purpose of the congresses series of China to Adriatic is to provide an international forum for social and inter discipline scientists from different countries and to create new scientific research opportunities for participants. Since the land China to Adriatic has been the cradle of many civilizations, states and inventions, it has a great importance in world history. About two thousand years ago, the land in question across the land and water in Asia the realized the power of dialogue and formation of the great civilizations of the world, and also connected the countries closely together. The land China to Adriatic has been hosting peace and cooperation, transparency, openness and optimum tolerance, exchange and mutual benefit, mutual learning and other spirits that represents still shines with the glory of the times until now for about two thousand years. Currently, the world economy is in difficult recovery, and the world pattern is undergoing profound adjustments, and the human being is facing increasing major trans national and global challenges. International cooperation on a larger scope especially over education, higher grade, and deeper level has become the common aspiration of people in all countries. In this frame the role of international organizations -such as conferances, summits, meetings- is incontestable. The international character of 3rd International Congress on Social Sciences, China to Adriatic is illustrated by the 15 countries represented and by the more than 400 delegates coming from Kazakhistan, Turkey, Moldova, Kyrgzistan, China, Russia, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Iran, Canada, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Uzbehkistan. During the Congress academics, high rank officials, national and international societies, think tanks and business representatives from a dozen of countries came together, and seeked the international academic cooperation and reciprocal development plans for future, which is a holy cause for the benefit of peoples in all countries including our common mission. Coming to the end of writing, I would like to emphasize that as İKSAD family, we are thankful to Prof.Dr. Dinar NUKETAYEVA, the rector of Kazakh State Women’s Teacher Training University for her support and cooporation and its crowd delegation with the the presidency of deputy rector Prof.Dr. Zaures SABYROVA. Participation of General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre by archive exhibition was excellent. All participant academics and officials honoured us. The presidency of Prof.Dr. Mustafa TALAS was highly motivated for İKSAD. I rankly thankful to the members of Science Committee; to Supreme Advisory Board; Mustafa TALAS, The head of Congress; H.E. Sefa Salih BİLDİRİCİ, the senior advisor of İKSAD; H.E. Erdem HİLAL, Ahmet GENÇ and Baris AYTEKIN, the senior executives of İKSAD; WU Yicheng and Ludmila IVANOVA, the Asia coordinators of İKSAD; Alice Auberta HERMANIS, Europe coordinator of İKSAD; Sonali MALHOTRA, Asia Pasific advisor of İKSAD; Mrs Damelia SADYKOVA and Ragip PEHLİVANLI, coordinators of Congress; Mr. Selcuk DEMIRKILINC, the head of Congress Secretaria; Mr. Ömer Okan FETTAHLIOGLU, head of International Journal Of Academic Value Studies (JAVS) and editorial board; Dilrabo ABDAZIMOVA and Umsunay ZHUMASHEVA, Russian speaking countries experts of İKSAD; The mission team of congress from Akdeniz University, department of international relations and everbody who contributed on our congress.


Yours faithfully…


President of Institution of Economic Development and Social Researches of Turkey


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